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About me | Dr. Klemens Dallinger

1956 He was born on the 26th of November in Vienna.

1975 He passed the school-leaving examination for university entrance qualification with a ¨ good success ¯ in the grammar school “Rainergasse” in the 5th district of Vienna.

1975 -1979 He studied jurisprudence at the University of Vienna. (twice he received the award of the scholarship for talented students and twice he received the award of the scholarship of the university lecturer)

1979 He finished his studies with a examination of a doctorate.

1979 - 1984 He worked as a trainee at different courts and as an advocate candidate in his father’s lawyer’s office, Dr. Günther Dallinger, as well as in the lawyer’s office “Dres Grohs-Gorany-Hofer”, which is specialized in economy, in Vienna.

1984 He was registered as a advocate and he opened of his own lawyer’s office.

He received the award of the “Maria Anna Ertl’schen” foundation.

since 1984 He has worked as an advocate in the field of economy and he has been regularly ordered to be the administrator of bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings and to be in charge of supervision of a bank by the commercial court of Vienna.

since 1987 He has given lectures in the field of general insolvency law, reorganization of companies and the laws concerning the safety of credits in the chamber of chartered accountants, for different private suppliers and in the internal further training.

since1994 He has regularly participated in international congresses in the fields of international insolvency law. He is also a member of the “Insol Europe”

1999 - 2000 He was educated to be a mediator in the working group “AVM-COOP” where he also graduated. He was added to the list of mediators which is kept by the courts.

since 2001 He has collaborated in the center of Legal Competence, and he has worked with a team which make an expert’s report for a law reform of the Slovakian insolvency law; he has also collaborated with a team which is responsible for the examination and for proposals for a reform of the Bulgarian insolvency law and for the training of the administrators in Bulgaria.

since 2001 Together with Ms. Margarethe Mensdorff-Pouilly - a psychotherapist - he has worked as a mediator-team.